User manual Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU (English (2024)

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The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU dishwasher is designed to provide efficient and reliable cleaning for your dishes. With a capacity of 12 place settings, it can accommodate a good amount of dishes in a single load.One of the standout features of this dishwasher is its noise level of 48 dB, making it relatively quiet during operation. This low noise level ensures a peaceful environment in your kitchen while the dishwasher is running.The dishwasher offers four different washing programs: Eco, Intensive, Normal, and Quick. These programs allow you to customize the cleaning process based on the level of dirt and the particular items you are washing. The maximum temperature it can reach is 70 °C, ensuring effective cleaning even for heavily soiled dishes.The delayed start timer feature allows you to set a specific time for the dishwasher to start its cycle, giving you more control and flexibility over when your dishes are cleaned. The AquaStop function provides additional protection against water leaks, giving you peace of mind.The built-in water softener and glass protection features help to prevent the buildup of limescale and ensure that your glassware remains clear and spotless. The dishwasher also has an overflow protection system in place to prevent any accidents or water damage.The upper basket of the dishwasher is adjustable, allowing you to easily accommodate larger and taller items. Additionally, the dishwasher has a salt indicator to let you know when it's time to refill the salt reservoir.Overall, the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU dishwasher offers a range of features to ensure efficient cleaning and a hassle-free experience. With its reliable performance and convenient functions, it is a solid choice for anyone in need of a high-quality dishwasher.

User manual Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU (English (1)
ModelSilencePlus SMV41D00EU | SMV41D00EU
FiletypeUser manual (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF)
Appliance placementFully built-in
Door colorNot applicable
Built-in water softenerYes
Baskets adjustable placementUpper
Control panel colorStainless steel
Number of place settings12 place settings
Noise level48 dB
Number of washing programs4
Dishwashing programsEco, Intensive, Normal, Quick
Temperature (max)70 °C
Delayed start timerYes
AquaStop functionYes
Glass protectionYes
Overflow protectionYes
Cycle time210 min
Salt indicatorYes
Energy consumption per cycle1.02 kWh
Water consumption per cycle11.7 L
AC input voltage220 - 240 V
AC input frequency50 - 60 Hz
Energy efficiency classF
Energy efficiency scaleA to G
102 kWh
Weight & dimensions
Width598 mm
Depth550 mm
Height815 mm
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Can't find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU below.

What do I do about a smelly dishwasher?

In the case of a smelly dishwasher, you can take the following steps: - Clean the filters - Clean the spray arms - Clean the door rubbers - Run a hot wash program - Run an empty machine with a dishwasher cleaner

Do you have to pre-rinse the dishes?

It is not recommended to rinse dirty dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. For the life cycle of the machine, it is better to put everything dirty in the dishwasher. The grease on the dirty dishes is the lubrication for the pump in the machine.

How much dishwashing detergent should I use?

The average amount used is about 25 grams of dishwashing detergent. It is recommended to follow the advice on the packaging.

How do I add softening salt to my dishwasher?

Each dishwasher has a separate compartment for softening salt. It opens when you turn the knob on the compartment. The softening salt can then be poured into the compartment by means of a funnel.

What is the height of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has a height of 815 mm.

What is the width of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has a width of 598 mm.

What is the depth of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has a depth of 550 mm.

What energy label does the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU have?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has energy label F.

Why is my dishwasher not starting?

Ensure that the dishwasher is properly plugged into a functioning power outlet and that the circuit breaker has not tripped. Additionally, check if the door is fully closed and securely latched to activate the start function.

How can I adjust the water hardness level?

The water hardness level can be adjusted by accessing the settings menu on the dishwasher's control panel. Look for the "Settings" or "Options" button and navigate through the menu to find the water hardness adjustment feature. Follow the prompts to select the appropriate water hardness level for optimal cleaning performance.

Why is my dishwasher not draining properly?

First, check if the dishwasher's drain hose is kinked, blocked, or clogged. Clear any obstructions and ensure the hose is properly connected to the sink drain or garbage disposal unit. Additionally, inspect the dishwasher's filter and clean it if necessary, as a dirty filter can impede proper drainage.

How can I adjust the wash cycle duration?

Look for the "Programs" or "Cycle Options" button on the control panel. By pressing this button, you can cycle through different program options. Some programs have preset durations, while others offer adjustable durations. Select the desired wash cycle and consult the program's description to understand its specific duration.

What should I do if dishes are not getting clean?

Firstly, ensure that dishes are loaded according to the recommended guidelines mentioned in the dishwasher's user manual. Make sure spray arms are not obstructed by oversized items and that dishes are not blocking the detergent dispenser. Also, check if the selected program is appropriate for the load size and level of food residue. Adjust the program accordingly for better cleaning results.

Does the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU have a delayed start timer?

Yes, the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has a delayed start timer. This feature allows users to program the dishwasher to start at a later time, making it convenient for setting up the washing cycle in advance.

Does the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU have a built-in water softener?

Yes, the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has a built-in water softener. This feature helps to prevent limescale buildup and ensures optimal cleaning results. It is especially useful for areas with hard water.

How many dishwashing programs does the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU have?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU has 4 dishwashing programs. These programs include Eco, Intensive, Normal, and Quick. It offers a variety of options to cater to different cleaning needs.

What is the noise level of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU?

The noise level of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU is 48 dB. This indicates a relatively quiet operation, making it suitable for open-plan living spaces or anytime you want to minimize noise disruption.

How many place settings does the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU accommodate?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU accommodates 12 place settings. This is a standard capacity for a dishwasher and should be sufficient for most households.

Is the manual of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU is available in English .

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User manual Bosch SilencePlus SMV41D00EU (English (2024)


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